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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Apache - Aaron Neville (July 2016)

Apache - Aaron Neville
Tell It Records
Produced by Eric Krasno
July 2016

The next couple of posts here on the blog might surprise a few folks but I have to confess to having a fond affection for real Soul Men and so it shouldn't be too much of a shock to see me spotlighting these two chaps.

I don't just post Old Music from Old Stars here on S4L but I do from time to time post New Music from Old Stars who are still impressing as they get older and wiser. None more so than Aaron Neville who had his 75th birthday back in January this year!

Apache is his 17th Solo album and comes at a time when we are remembering his first hit single, Tell It Like It Is that was released in November 1966 (and hit the #2 spot on the Billboard 100) His first record though was back when he was a 19 year old kid in 1960 (Over You).

Despite his age Aaron Neville still has one of the sweetest tones to his voice and he really shouldn't have this much swagger, but he does and shows those Soul Boy pretenders like Usher and crowd exactly how it should be done!

Read The Wall Street Journal Interview with Aaron Neville HERE

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