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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A Thousand Times - The Spitfires (26th August 2016)

A Thousand Times - The Spitfires
Catch 22 Records
Released 26th August 2016

So Long

On My Mind

1.A Thousand Times
2.Last Goodbye
3.Day To Day
4.Open My Eyes
5.On My Mind
6.So Long
7.I Don't Even Know Myself
8.The Suburbs (We Can't Complain)
9.Return To Me
10.On My Mind (Reprise)
11.A Better Life

Last year I named The Spitfires Debut Album Response as The S4L Debut Album of the Year 2015. A fully justified decision as well I reckon.

At the end of this month the boys from Watford are releasing their second album, A Thousand Times. By the quality of the two singles released thus far (see videos above) it's going to be another wee gem of an album.
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