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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 236 - The Vapors

New Clear Days - The Vapors
United Artists
Produced by Vic Coppersmith-Heaven
Released July 1980
UK Chart #44
US Chart #62

 Original Tracklist
 A1 - Spring Collection
A2 - Turning Japanese
A3 - Cold War
A4 - America
A5 - Trains
A6 - Bunkers
B1 - News At Ten
B2 - Somehow
B3 - Sixty Second Interval
B4 - Waiting For The Weekend
B5 - Letter From Hiro


    David Fenton: Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
    Edward Bazalgette: Lead Guitar
    Steve Smith: Bass, Backing Vocals
    Howard Smith: Drums, Percussion

Singles from New Clear Days

Turning Japanese / Here Comes The Judge (Live)
Released 1980
UK Chart #3
US Chart #26
Australian Chart #1

 Released 1980
UK Chart #44

Released 1981
Did Not Chart

The career of The Vapors is a little bit similar to that of The Jags who I posted about yesterday except The Vapors experienced a little bit more success in their brief sojourn in the world of the music business.

Like The Jags they only left behind a handful of singles and two albums, their Debut Album - New Clear Days, being the better I think.

The band formed in Guilford, Surrey and were discovered and managed by John Weller (father of Paul Weller) and Bruce Foxton (Bassist of The Jam).

Turning Japanese, the song for which they are most famous for hit the Top 3 in the UK Charts at the same time that The Jam took the #1 spot with Going Underground. They actually achieved something The Jam never did by having a Top 30 hit in the USA!

The band broke up soon after the release of their second album, Magnets and a few singles failed to reach the chart.

With the band defunkt the members went on to other careers: lead vocalist and songwriter David Fenton went on to become a Solicitor speacializing in Music Law. Edward Bazalgette branched out to TV work becoming a Television Director (word has it that he's Directed a couple of Episodes of Dr Who). Howard Smith was running an Independent Record Shop in Guilford called People Records. Unsure what career move the unrelated Steve Smith took.

There was good news for fans of the band earlier this year. After 35 years of inactivity, on 30 April 2016, Dave Fenton, Ed Bazalgette and Steve Smith took to the stage at the Half Moon in Putney. With a guest drummer standing in for Howard Smith they played Turning Japanese and then left the stage. Rumours of a reunion were rife and on 10 June a short four-date tour in October and November was announced on the band's new Facebook page. How exciting is that!

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!

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