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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

45RPM: #98 Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric

Whole Wide World / Semaphore Signals
Stiff Records
BUY 16
Released 12th August 1977

Whole Wide World
This Side Produced By Nick Lowe for Ian Dury Productions

Wreckless Eric - Vocals
Nick Lowe - Bass and Guitar
Steve Goulding - Drums
That Side Produced By Ian Dury for Nick Lowe Productions

Wreckless Eric - Vocals and Guitar
Denise Roudette - Bass
Ian Dury - Drums
The debut single from Eric Goulding, known primarily as Wreckless Eric is one of the Greatest Singles to be released in 1977.
Surely it has to be a contender for The Greatest Hit That Never Was!
In-House Producer at Stiff Records Nick Lowe plays Guitar and Bass on the single and on the flip side a certain chap called Ian Dury not only Produces but also plays drums!
There's some pretty poor quality video of Wreckless Eric performing Whole Wide World for the TV Show What's On with Mr Dury playing drums! Check It Out HERE!
The song was first released as part of the Stiff Compilation 'Bunch of Stiff Records' in April 1977 under the title 'Go The Whole Wide World' but didn't get a single release until four months later. That particular album also included Nick Lowe, Motörhead, Elvis Costello, Graham Parker, Dave Edmunds and the Tyla Gang

He also recorded the song for the John Peel Session that was broadcast in October 1977. 

Whole Wide World has been covered by many artists down through the years by a wide variety of artists.

Cover Versions
The Monkees (1987)
Black (1991)
Will Ferrell (2006 from the movie Stranger Than Fiction)
The Vaccines (2013)

and there's quite a few more out there as well.
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