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Monday, 29 August 2016

Rewind: Lust For Life - Iggy Pop (1977)

Lust For Life - Iggy Pop
Produced by David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Colin Thurston
Released 29th August 1977
US Chart #120
UK Chart #28

    Iggy Pop – vocals
    David Bowie – keyboards, piano, organ, backing vocals
    Carlos Alomar – rhythm guitar (lead on "Lust For Life" & "Turn Blue"), backing vocals
    Ricky Gardiner – lead guitar, backing vocals, (drums on "Fall in Love with Me")
    Warren Peace - keyboards and backing vocals on "Turn Blue"
    Tony Sales – bass, backing vocals, (guitar on "Fall in Love with Me")
    Hunt Sales – drums, backing vocals, (bass on "Fall in Love with Me")


Back in March as part of the Rewind Series I spotlighted The Idiot by Iggy Pop and Lust For Life is the follow up, also produced in league with David Bowie.

The album was made over the space of eight days following the completion of Iggy's tour for The Idiot. Like The Idiot it was also recorded at the Hansa Studios in Berlin. David Bowie had a hand in composing the music for seven out of the nine songs whilst all but Turn Blue (Pop and Walter Lacey) are lyrcially the work of Iggy Pop.

Up until the release of his lastest album Post Pop Depression, Lust For Life was his best selling album and whilst at first it sold well in the USA the death of Elvis Presley caused RCA to quickly reissue Presley's catalogue and any promotional focus for Pop's album was lost. It eventually performed well in America, but only peaked at number 120 on the Billboard charts at the time of release. The actions of RCA would of course not only impact the sales of Iggy's Album but a number of other artists as well. Here in the UK the Punk band The Boys had just issued their debut album but the big problem was people just couldn't find it anywhere and as RCA seemed soley committed to pressing Presley albums by the truckload the danger was the album would just disappear!

I still have visions of Iggy Pop on The White Room for Channel 4 performing Lust For Life wearing very little apart from see-through trousers! (You Can Watch the Video HERE). The title track also got a new lease of life when it was included in the Soundtrack for Trainspotting and Iggy made a new video for it that had cuts from the film included in it! He still opens his show with it as well, check out this one from the Royal Albert Hall in London earlier this year!

Lust For Life Cover Versions
The Passenger is another song that's a real popular one and has been covered by many artists down through the years, here's just few of them (I cannot vouch for the quality of all of these!):

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