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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 245 - Eric Church (2)

Mr Misunderstood - Eric Church
EMI Nashville
Produced by Jay Joyce
Released 3rd November 2015
US Chart #2
US Country Chart #2

A1     Mr. Misunderstood    
A2     Mistress Named Music    
A3     Chattanooga Lucy
A4     Mixed Drinks About Feelings
A5     Knives Of New Orleans    
B1     Round Here Buzz    
B2     Kill A Word
B3     Holdin' My Own    
B4     Record Year    
B5     Three Year Old


Way back in May this year I spotlighted Eric Church's Caught In The Act Live album.

In the latest issue of Classic Rock there's a pretty cool interview with Eric Church as the mnagazine shines a light on the world of Country Rock:

“We’ve always been on the edges of country,” considers Church. “But it’s funny, because when Chief happened, we became arguably one of the biggest acts in the format. And I think we kinda pulled to the middle. I’m real uncomfortable there. To me, it’s always been about trying to get out on the edges. And to stay out there.”

He certainly doesn't do things by the "rules" either as his latest album, Mr Misunderstood, that was released last year just seemed to appear with very little fanfare, no major promotional gimmicks or even advertising! The album just kind of crept out, first releasing it to his fan club and then the day after releasing it on iTunes. The album you would have assumed didn't go down too well with so little promotion, but it made it to #2 on both the Billboard 200 Chart and the Top Country Chart.

I'm guessing that he has every right to do things the way he wants to do having begun life in Nashville writing hit songs for other people before his own career finally took off in 2006 with Sinners Like Me. But it was his 2011 album Chief that blew the roof off as it hit the top spot not just on the Country Chart but also the Billboard 200.

Reviewing Mr Misunderstood for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Erik Ernst writes, "Church is country music's weird kid, who bucked the industry's expectations to chase cookie-cutter radio hits and defiantly forged his voice as an innovative, authentic songwriter."

I would totally agree with that assessment!

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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