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Friday, 9 September 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 253 - Frank Black and the Catholics

Frank Black and the Catholics - Frank Black and the Catholics
Produced by Frank Black
Released 9th September 1998
UK Chart #61

1 All My Ghosts    
2 Back To Rome    
3 Do You Feel Bad About It?
4 Dog Gone    
5 I Gotta Move    
6 I Need Peace    
7 King & Queen Of Siam
8 Six-Sixty-Six (Larry Norman)   
9 Solid Gold    
10 Steak 'N' Sabre
11 Suffering
12 The Man Who Was Too Loud

Frank Black – guitar, vocals
Scott Boutier – drums
David McCaffery – bass, vocals
Lyle Workman – lead guitar


Five Things You Need To Know About
Frank Black and the Catholics

Firstly, Frank Black and the Catholics was the eponymous debut album from... yep, you guessed it... Frank Black and the Catholics. The backing group on this album performed on Black's previous album, The Cult of Ray, but the group name was first adopted on this release.

Secondly, Frank Black had initially recorded the album for his label American Recordings over a period of a couple of days. But they took exception to the "raw sound" and delayed it's release and Black and American Recordings had a severe falling out!

Thirdly, the album actually has two release dates, the first being in June 1998 when it became the first album by a major artist to be commercially released on the Internet in the MP3 format by who were the forerunners to EMusic. The second on this very day in 1998 on SpinART Records.

Fourthly, the running order of the album is notable because it is sequenced in Alphabetical order!

Fifthly, all the songs on the album were written by Frank Black, except one. Anyone who knew anything about music would have been surprised to hear Frank Black performing a cover version of 1970's Jesus Freak Rocker Larry Norman! Six-Sixty-Six first appeared on the iconic Jesus Rock album from 1976 In Another Land

Frank had been a long-time admirer of Larry Norman and even named The Pixies 1987 Debut Album Come On Pilgrim after a catchphrase that Norman used to use "Come on pilgrim, you know He loves you" which turned up in the lyric of the last track on the album Levitate Me. Frank Black and Larry Norman met after an introduction by Bono and a relationship developed. Click Here to see Frank playing Watch What You're Doing with Larry Norman in Concert (that's so brilliant to see).

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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