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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

New Video: Apathy In The UK - The Members (September 2016)

Those loveable rogues The Members have been at it again by adding to their Video Collection, their latest release just out today is an animated film spotlighting Apathy in the UK Part 1. There's also a couple that I appear to have missed first time around...I can almost hear JC Carroll saying, "You must pay more attention Mr Watson!"

So without further ado... they are still annoying the neighbours with their Punk Rock Electric Guitars...Ladies and Gents, The Members!

Apathy In The UK Part 1
(September 2016)

And a couple we seemed to have missed posting until now, sorry JC!

Incident at Surbiton (Radio Mix)
(June 2016)

One Law
May 2016

All songs are featured on one of The Albums of the Year (well in our book at least!)

One Law - The Members

 Also Includes the songs from the Videos
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