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Sunday, 11 September 2016

NPR Tiny Desk Concert: Nina Diaz + others

It's been a little while since I last checked out NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts so here's a couple of things that have interested me lately that they have posted.

Nina Diaz was the main one that interested me as my friend Tim Leonard is a huge fan of Girl In A Coma and I remember liking very much their Tiny Desk Concert that they performed way back in early 2012.

That's followed by another couple of ladies with cool voices and tunes to go with them!

And then as a little bonus some links for concerts from the 2016 Newport Folk Festival.

Nina Diaz
(Girl In A Coma)
August 2016

Lucy Dacus
July 2016

Adia Victoria
June 2016

Also check out

Some other highlights from NPR
(Click on the links)

Newport Folk Festival 2016
You can listen to a wide range of concert performances here:

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