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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 262 - The Replacements

Tim - The Replacements
Produced by Tommy Erdelyi (Ramone)
October 1985
US Chart #183

(Click on Links for Promo/Live Vids)
A1 Hold My Life
A2 I'll Buy    
A3 Kiss Me On The Bus    
A4 Dose Of Thunder    
A5 Waitress In The Sky    
A6 Swingin Party    
B1 Bastards Of Young    
B2 Lay It Down Clown    
B3 Left Of The Dial    
B4 Little Mascara    
B5 Here Comes A Regular

Paul Westerberg - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Chris Mars - Drums, Vocals (background)
Bob Stinson - Guitar
Tommy Stinson - Bass
Alex Chilton - Vocals on "Left of the Dial"
Tommy Erdelyi - Guitar solo on "Kiss Me On The Bus"

Single from Tim

Dedicated to Trace Hull
A man who knows way too much about The Replacements!

Tim is the fourth album from The Replacements and their first for Sire Records. At the production controls was Tommy Ramone.

On Wikipedia it says: Stylistically, the album shows Paul Westerberg's diverse influences, including Alex Chilton's Big Star on "Hold My Life," Roy Orbison and Duane Eddy on "Swingin Party" and Nick Lowe on "Kiss Me on the Bus"

I thought that was quite an interesting point because listening to the album for the first time in years I clearly could also hear  a real influence of The Clash in there as well (some similar sounds to stuff The Clash were doing with things like Gates of The West, Groovy Times etc), I could be wrong of course - my ears though have not often failed me! 

It's a cracking wee album to pull off the shelf and give a blast to. I have a few albums of theirs but don't really know an awful lot about them except they come from a place that has so much musical history in many different genres - Minneapolis.

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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