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Monday, 19 September 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 263 - The Saints

(I'm) Stranded - The Saints
Harvest Records
Produced by Mark Moffat and Rod Coe
Released 21st February 1977

A1 (I'm) Stranded    
A2 One Way Street    
A3 Wild About You    
A4 Messin' With The Kid    
A5 Erotic Neurotic    
B1 No Time    
B2 Kissin' Cousins    
B3 Story Of Love    
B4 Demolition Girl    
B5 Nights In Venice

Singles on (I'm) Stranded
(I'm) Stranded / No Time
Fatal Records*
September 1976

*Fatal Records was a label the band set up in order to release their debut single. EMI Australia reissued the single and in the UK in 1977 it was issued on Power Exchange Records and Tapes.

(Italian Picture Cover)

One Two Three Four EP
September 1977


This month sees The Saints Debut single (I'm) Stranded reach the tender age of 40 years old! Wow! Hard to believe isn't it?

John Peel had played it for the first time on his show on 29th September 1976 and also featured it during the Punk Rock Special on 10th December 1976.

Sounds magazine's reviewer, Jonh Ingham, declared it, "Single of this and every week".

The album was recorded over a two day period in December 1976 and released in February 1977.

"The Saints aren't your average rock band. Never have been, never want to be." - Chris Bailey

After the release of the second single Erotic Neurotic the band moved to the UK where EMI were planning to promote them as a typical punk band, complete with ripped clothes and spiky hair – The Saints insisted on maintaining a more downbeat image.

Their third single in 1977, This Perfect Day, was not on the album but was reserved for their Second Album Eternally Yours (released in May 1978). It did give them a hit single here in the UK reaching #34 and they also appeared on Top of the Pops (see link). 

The album is listed at #20 in the 100 Best Australian Albums. The song (I'm) Stranded also featured in the 2001 Top 30 Australian Songs of All Time.

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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