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Friday, 30 September 2016

Yellowcard - Yellowcard (September 2016)

Yellowcard - Yellowcard
Hopeless Records
Produced by Neil Avron
Released 30th September 2016

Rest In Peace

The Hurt is Gone

1 Rest In Peace    
2 What Appears    
3 Got Yours    
4 A Place We Set A Fire    
5 Leave A Light On    
6 The Hurt Is Gone    
7 Empty Street    
8 I'm A Wrecking Ball    
9 Savior's Robes    
10 Fields & Fences

If I find any other links for songs on the album I'll add them as they become available.

(There's loads of links below, click on them to hear loads more music from Yellowcard)

The Tenth Studio Album from Yellowcard is sadly their final hurrah! The Self-Titled album, released today will be followed by a Farewell World Tour.

April 1997

    Ben Dobson – lead vocals
    Ben Harper – lead guitar
    Todd Clary – rhythm guitar
    Warren Cooke – bass guitar
    Longineu W. Parsons III – drums, percussion
    Ryan Key – background vocals
    Sean Mackin – violin, background vocals

Since the first album Midget Tossing in 1997 the band has undergone a number of line up changes. Ryan Key and Sean Mackin who were merely guests on the Debut are well and truly entrenched as members. Key had formerly been in Craig's Brother (a band that I really liked years back. Their Debut, Homecoming on Tooth and Nail is worth checking out) and joined the band after the second album Where We Stand. In 2000 Key would make his debut as lead vocalist with the Still Standing EP. The third album was released in April 2001, One For The Kids.

A place on the charts had eluded them until the release of the brilliant Ocean Avenue in July 2003. The title track became their first charting single in the US (reaching #37) whilst Way Away was their first charting single in the UK. Lights and Sounds (2006) broke into the Top Ten (peaking at #7), Paper Walls (2007) made it to #13. The band then went on hiatus for a couple of years before reuniting in 2010 and then releasing  When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes (2011) - #19.

In 2012 they released Southern Air which peaked at #10. It is probably my favourite album of theirs (with Ocean Avenue a close second). Songs like Awakening, and Here I Am Alive I particularly love from this record. I wasn't so taken with Lift A Sail that followed in 2014 (#26), it was a bit too much of a departure from what I was used to hearing from them.

The last album sounds a little like the Ocean Avenue/Southern Air style of things. It's a shame that they are calling it a day. One thing that can be said about them is that they certainly have come a long way since Midget Tossing was released in 1997. Listening to this new record you can see how much they have matured and become better at their craft.

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