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Friday, 22 April 2016

45RPM: #83 One Chord Wonders - The Adverts (1977)

One Chord Wonders / Quickstep
The Adverts
Stiff Records (BUY 13)
Produced by Larry Wallis
Released 29th April 1977

Probably my favourite of the early releases on Stiff Records was the debut single from The Adverts.

Here's the story of The Adverts in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Form a band. 
TV (Tim) Smith  and Gaye Advert (Black) moved from Bideford in Devon to London in 1976 and recruited guitarist Howard Pickup (Boak) and Laurie Driver (Muscat). The Adverts are born.

Step 2: Play Your First Gig
January 1977 The Adverts make their live debut supporting Generation X at The Roxy.

Step 3: Play Your Second Gig
Their second gig, also at The Roxy (they played there a number of times between January and April), they supported Slaughter and the Dogs (from Manchester). The gig is recorded and Bored Teenagers ends up on the Top 30 album The Roxy London WC2.

Step 4: Play Your Third Gig and Get Signed
Supporting The Damned this time around The Adverts are signed to Stiff Records.

Step 5: Get A John Peel Session
On the 25th April 1977 The Adverts stroll into the studios to record their debut session for John Peel. This is broadcast a few days later.

Step 6: Release Your Debut Single
On the day that John Peel broadcasts the Debut Session by The Adverts they also release their Debut single on Stiff Records entitled One Chord Wonders. On the cover it is called One Chord Wonder and the label on the actual record has One Chord Wonders.

Step 7: Go Out On Tour To Promote The Single
In May 1977 they launched out on tour supporting The Damned. Stiff Records used all their wit and wisdom to come up with a great enticement to witness the tour: "The Damned Can Now Play Three Chords The Adverts Can Play One Here All Four Of Them At..." (See the poster below).

A-Side: One Chord Wonders

B-Side: Quickstep

I wonder what we'll play for you tonight.
Something heavy or something light.
Something to set your soul alight.
I wonder how we'll answer when you say.
"We don't like you - go away"
"Come back when you've learned to play"

I wonder what we'll do when things go wrong.
When we're half-way though our favourite song.
We look up and the audience has gone.
Will we feel a little bit obscure.
Think "we're not needed here"
"we must be new wave - they'll like us next year"

The wonders don't care - we don't give a damn.

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