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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 96 - 9 Below Zero

I must admit there's nothing more exciting for me when it comes to listening to music to hear a song by a particular band/artist and it takes you on a journey of discovery or rediscovery.

Let me give you a couple of examples: Gangsters by The Special AKA and One Step Beyond by Madness, I can remember hearing them for the first time and being drawn to investigate the music of Prince Buster which in turn led to other Ska artists and then onto music on Trojan Records. Or hearing Dr Feelgood perform 99 and a Half (Just Won't Do) and that leading back to the likes of Aretha Franklin and Etta James. There was also The Beat and Secret Affair covering Smokey Robinson and the Miracles tunes and that led of course to The Miracles and the wide world of 1960's Motown. Then there was Little Bob Story and their version of All or Nothing that led back to rediscovering the Small Faces and that amazing sound of Steve Marriot's voice. I could actually name loads more but you get the drift of what I'm saying...

South London based 9 Below Zero were very instrumental in me discovering the Blues. Hearing I Can't Quit you Baby for the first time, finding out it was an old Willie Dixon tune that Otis Rush had also performed (along with Led Zeppelin and Little Milton to name but two others) and that in turn led to a whole host of directions and hundreds of Blues Artists that I might never have heard of if I had just let the song wash over me with no effect.

In 1980 for their debut album they released a Live Album! Not always a smart move but on this occasion it was a great move. It captured the pure energy of a bunch of young guys who loved playing the Blues and adding their own mark to it in the process. 

Recorded at The Marquee, deep in the heart of Soho over two hot and sweaty sold out nights in the summer of 1980, it is I think of one of the best live albums on the planet.

Had a blast of this again last night and I'm almost transported back again, it's so good.

 Live at The Marquee - 9 Below Zero
Produced by Mickey Modern and 9 Below Zero

Live at The Marquee
Special Editon 2012
The 2012 Special Edition contained the whole concert with the 7 song encore being released for the first time ever.
1     Tore Down     2:55
2     Straighten Her Out     2:30
3     Homework     2:28
4     I Can't Help Myself     2:20
5     Can I Get A Witness     3:21
6     Ridin' On The L&N     4:32
7     I Can't Quit You Baby     6:03
8     Stop Your Naggin'     2:30
9     Hootchie Cootchie Coo     2:30
10     Wooly Bully     2:47
11     Got My Mojo Working     6:16
12     Pack Fair & Square     2:16
13     Watch Yourself     3:56
14     Swing Job     2:26
15     Rocket 88     2:58
16     (Just) A Little Bit     2:20
17     Twenty Yards Behind     1:59
18     Stormy Monday     4:47
19     Is That You     2:24
20     Keep On Knocking     5:25
21     Madison Blues     5:57

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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