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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 118 - The B-52's

The third Studio Album from The B-52's should have been released a year earlier in 1982 but due to time constraints and pressure to release new product imposed by Warner Bros, the band were forced to basically release what they had ready to go and that was what became the David Byrne produced Mesopotamia EP. Four songs were left over from those sessions: Queen of Las Vegas, Big Bird, and Butterbean were re-recorded for Whammy! Adios Desconocida, the fourth song didn't get remade.

After the somewhat departure of the Mesopotamia EP many felt that The B-52's got back to doing what they did best with the release of Whammy!

This would be their last album for three years! Bouncing Off  The Satellites was released in 1986 without much promotion as the band didn't tour on due to the loss of their guitarist Ricky Wilson who had died not long after the album was completed. He was aged 32 and died from complications relating to AIDS. In 1989 they did bounce back with the magnificent Cosmic Thing album.

Whammy! - The B-52's
Island Records/Warner Bros.
Produced by Steven Stanley
Released 27th April 1983
US Chart #29
UK Chart #33

A1     Legal Tender    
A2     Whammy Kiss    
A3     Song For A Future Generation    
A4     Butterbean    
B1     Trism    
B2     Queen Of Las Vegas    
B3     Don't Worry (Yoko Ono song)*    
B4     Big Bird    
B5     Work That Skirt
* Due to legal issues Don't Worry was removed and replaced by Moon 83.

    Kate Pierson – lead vocals
    Fred Schneider – lead vocals
    Keith Strickland – lead vocals (on "Song for a Future Generation"), drums, guitar, synthesizer
    Cindy Wilson – lead vocals
    Ricky Wilson – lead vocals (on "Song for a Future Generation"), guitar, bass, synthesizer

Additional musicians
    David Buck – trumpet (on "Big Bird")
    Ralph Carney – saxophone (on "Big Bird")

Singles From Whammy
US Chart #81



Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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