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Friday, 1 April 2016

New Video: Hospital Wing - Vinny Peculiar (April 2016)

(Album cover courtesy of Vinny Peculiar's website)

Vinny Peculiar has been a friend on FB for quite sometime now and I'm mortified that I've never posted about the music he's done before! Time to rectify that (and maybe see later if I can grab a few moments to ask a few questions for a wee interview for this page).

The brand new album (pictured above) is due out in June this year I believe and today a brand new video was released for the track Hospital Wing. A fascinating video as well I think and a subject of great difficulty to write about.

For more information on Vinny Peculiar regarding tour dates, album purchases etc please go and check out his rather informative Website...Click Here.

Also check out his You Tube Channel for more music.

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