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Friday, 29 July 2016

Mojo's 50 Greatest Reggae Albums

I was a little disappointed to discover that the 50 Greatest Reggae Albums that was being advertised in the latest issue of Mojo was in fact not new list at all but one dating back to 2002 and posted on the Mojo Website back in 2014.

That disappointment though got me looking afresh at their list and I thought I'd post their Top Ten and then look at some of the albums that clearly should have been higher and also a few of the albums that seem to be missing from their Top 50 (I realise that if you ask ten people what their Top 50 would be you are bound to get ten different answers and so the ones I think are missing and the placement of ones in Mojo's list is really just my own opinion). Click on the links to enjoy the music.

In case you missed it, back on the 7th July I posted my own Top 10 Reggae Albums  and interestingly only two of the albums that Mojo have in their Top Ten made mine!

Mojo's Top Ten
Greatest Reggae Albums

#4. Ska Boo-Da-Ba - The Skatalites (1966) - Not Complete Album

#1. Catch A Fire - Bob Marley and the Wailers (1973)

Albums That Should Be Higher
#16. Two Sevens Clash - Culture (1977)
#17. Best Dressed Chicken in Town - Dr Alimantado (1978)
#22. Night Nurse - Gregory Issacs (1982)
#26. CB200 - Dillinger (1976)
#33. East of the River Nile - Augustus Pablo (1978)
#34. Right Time - The Mighty Diamonds (1976)
#39. Handsworth Revolution - Steel Pulse (1978)
#41. 1000 Volts of Holt - John Holt (1974)

What's Missing?
(Here's 21 albums just off the top of my head, I'm sure you could think of others)
M.P.L.A. - Tapper Zukie (1976)
Rastaman Vibration - Bob Marley and the Wailers (1976)
Natty Rebel - U-Roy (1976)
Under Heavy Manners - Prince Far I (1976)
Message From The King - Prince Far I (1978)
This is Desmond Dekker - Desmond Dekker (1969)
Forces of Victory - Linton Kwesi Johnson (1979)
Jacob "Killer" Miller - Jacob Miller (1977)
Police and Thieves - Junior Murvin (1977)
Red - Black Uhuru (1981)
Social Living - Burning Spear (1978)
Reggae Chartbusters Volume 1 - Various Artists (1969) 
Dread At The Controls - Mikey Dread (1979)
No Man Is An Island - Dennis Brown (1970)
Ska with Laurel - Laurel Aitken (1966)
Rebirth - Jimmy Cliff (2012)
Live at The Counter Eurovision 79 - Misty in Roots (1979)
Wise and Foolish - Misty in Roots (1982)
New Chapter of Dub - Aswad (1982)
Baldhead Bridge - Culture (1980) 
Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Cornbread - Lee Perry (1978)

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