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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Midwest Farmer's Daughter - Margo Price (March 2016)

I always like finding something that's new to my ears and watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon I stumbled across Margo Price performing Four Years of Chances.

Although her album has been out since March it's the first time I have heard of her (I seem to have missed her when she played on Later...with Jools Holland earlier in May as well).

I know very little about her seeing that it was only about an hour ago that I watched Fallon and rewatched her clip a few times. 

I think I'm going to investigate further and go and buy the album. For the moment though, if Margo Price is new to your ears also, I hope you enjoy it.

Here's a little bit more info from NPR:

 Midwest Farmer's Daughter - Margo Price
Third Man Records
Produced by Alex Munoz
Released 25th March 2016
US Billboard 200 Chart #189
US Top Country Albums #10
US Top Independent Albums #11
UK Country Albums #1

On The Playlist
01. Hands of Time - (Pseudo Video)
02. About To Find Out - (Official Audio)
03. Tennessee Song - (Sun Studio Session)
04. Since You Put Me Down - (Promo Video)
05. Four Years of Chances - (Grimey's Instore Performance March 2016) 
06. This Town Gets Around & How The Mighty Have Fallen - (Rough Trade East May 2016)
07. Hurtin' (On the Bottle) - (Promo Video)

Weekender and World's Greatest Loser are not on the playlist as I couldn't find an available version on You Tube. Versions of the songs in the playlist are not necessarily the versions released on the album.

NPR Front Row
SXSW Showcase 
16th March 2016

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