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Monday, 11 July 2016

Rewind: Waiting For The Sun - The Doors (1968)

Waiting For The Sun - The Doors
Produced by Paul A. Rothchild
Released July 1968
US Chart #1
UK Chart #16

Singles From Waiting For The Sun
March 1968
US Chart #39

June 1968
US Chart #1
UK Chart #15

Waiting For The Sun is the third Studio album release from The Doors. Having previously spotlighted their debut album, Strange Days and  L.A. Woman on the Rewind feature on this blog I kept on missing this one for one reason or another, so here it is today.

It's a wonder the album ever got made what with Morrison's excessive drinking and the perfectionism of Producer Paul A. Rothchild who insisted on constant retakes (The Unknown Soldier was said to have taken at least 130 takes before settling on the version that appears on the album!).

The album was considered by some critics as a disappointment in comparison to their first two albums. A lot of this probably has to do with the fact the band had all but drained Jim Morrison's note books and were struggling to come up with new material. But it's a testament to the band that they pulled through all the challenges and came up with a fairly decent album. Not To Earth was a small section of a much larger composition, Celebration of The Lizard (which was meant to be the centre piece of the album). Recording on this was abandoned when Rothchild got fed up with the lack of progress on the track. Celebration of The Lizard would see the light of day on Absolutely Live in 1970. It was also added to the 40th Anniversay Edition of the album bearing the title Celebration of The Lizard (An Experiment/Work In Progress).
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