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Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Lurkers GLM

Now: Nigel Moore (Bass), Pete Stride (Guitar and Vocals), Peter "Esso" Haynes (Drums)

The Lurkers were nicknamed "The London Ramones" in their heyday and rightly so as like their counterparts on the other side of the pond they were delivering short, sharp and snappy Punk Pop Tunes a long time before the likes of Green Day, Blink 182 and a thousand and one other bands invented the term!

Back in 2012 I stumbled on an album by GLM (God's Lonely Men) called Chemical Landslide (you can hear a few tracks from it below). Much to my amazement I discovered that lively trio was none other than musical machine of one of my absolute favourite bands...yep, you guessed it...The Lurkers!

I'd often wondered what happened to them all. I knew that Pete "Esso" Haynes had been writing (he has a couple of wonderful little books out as well - check 'em out here) but had no idea what had happened to Pete Stride and Nigel Moore (and I think we need to send out a search party to discover exactly what corner of the world Howard Wall is in!).

So it was really great getting to hear them doing some new music that was absolutely nothing like The Lurkers of old, much heavier and darker.

Back in 2013 they spoke with LouderThanWar about the band and the new direction they were taking by writing songs that were more akin to the classic Lurkers sound, and it's funny because one of the particular songs they were talking about turns out to be the title track to their new album. It's actually been sitting around for a few years but finally they have someone to actually release it.

But the new album is actually very Limited Edition - 300 CD's and 333 Vinyl LP's. You can hear four tracks from the album down below.

It's interesting that they have reverted to using The Lurkers name again, especially as a certain bassist, Arturo Bassick has been out playing under the name of The Lurkers for many years now. Pete Stride said in a recent interview "as we are all the original members who created and named The Lurkers in the first place we feel that we are totally justified in using the name". You can read the interview with Pete Stride and Nigel Moore for Uber Rock Here.

For details on how to get the album Check Here.

Here's a Little Four Track Taster from the New Album:
The Future's Calling (2016)
The Lurkers GLM

Here's a few tracks from the Debut Album from GLM
Chemical Landslide (2012)
GLM (God's Lonely Men)

Then: Peter "Esso" Haynes (Drums), Nigel Moore (Bass), Pete Stride (Guitar) and Howard Wall (Vocals)

The S4L Top Ten
The Lurkers
10. Cyanide
09. Mass Media Believer
08. Then I Kicked Her
07. Take Me Back To Babylon
06. Freak Show
05. Little Ol' Wine Drinker Me
04. Total War
03. Shadow
02. Pills
01. Out In The Dark
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