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Friday, 9 October 2015

45RPM: #48 Seven Minutes To Midnight - Wah! Heat (1980)

The debut single from Liverpool's Wah! Heat, Better Scream (backed by Hey (Disco) Joe) was an absolute belter of a record but with the release of their 2nd 45, Seven Minutes To Midnight, they went a step further and produced what I think is one of the greatest singles on an Independent label ever.

They had recorded the song earlier in the year for their first John Peel Session (see link down at the bottom of the page) and whilst I love the single version of Seven Minutes To Midnight, it is the Peel Session Version that I think stands as the definitive version (not sure that others agree but that's my take on it).

Right Side: Seven Minutes to Midnight...To Be Continued
Left Side: Don't Step On The Cracks
Wah! Heat
Inevitable Records
(there seems to be some debate as to when this was released, a couple of places have it as a September release, others October and someone else I saw had it as a November release. Seeing that the song is in my mind at present I'll post it today as an October release - I'll see if I can ask Wylie, he'll know best)

Right Side:

 Left Side:

Recorded 19th May
Broadcast 10th June
01 Seven Minutes To Midnight
02. Don't Step On The Cracks
03. Some Say
04 Other Boys
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