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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Rewind: 2005 Singles - New Order

I rarely do posts spotlighting Greatest Hits/Best Of Packages but this one today by New Order really stands out to me. I posted a few days back about their new album Music Complete and I sometimes forget how many great singles they have released over time.

Today's Rewind takes us back to 2005 and the release of Singles. It's a compilation of their releases between 1981-2005. Unlike Substance (which spotlighted the 12" releases and B-Sides and I have also included the album further down the page) Singles spotlights the 7" releases by the band and doesn't include B-Sides, some of these being quite rare as well as differing from album versions.

Of special note are several early singles that have never appeared on CD in their original form: "Ceremony", "Everything's Gone Green" and "Temptation". Additionally, "Confusion" appears in an edit of the song's "Rough mix" created exclusively for this compilation. One song, "Turn" was released on this album in a new edited form, despite never being a single. Released at the very height of the loudness war prevalent in the record industry, this release is notorious amongst New Order aficionados for its high volume and heavy compression levels.

Singles - New Order
London Records/Rhino Records (US)
Released 3rd October 2005
UK Chart #14

Substance is probably one of my most played Compilations. I'm not usually a fan of 12" remixes etc but for some strange reason this collection of New Order classics makes me forget all about that!
 Substance (August 1987)

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