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Friday, 2 October 2015

Mike Peters - It Wasn’t in the Contract!


In the song 'The Unexplained' Mike Peters sings:

 "Sometimes you get given some things
You not did wish for
It wasn’t in the contract"

Hearing the news this morning about Mike's latest health situation was very sad indeed. It's the last thing I expected to read as you always get the impression with Mike that all is well as he's so busy with his fingers in the pie of a Solo career, The Jack Tars (formerly Dead Men Walking), The Alarm and of course Love Hope Strength, the rock and roll cancer foundation that he heads up in the UK (and not forgetting he's also a husband and a Father!). So the news that for third time Mike is going into a personal battle with Cancer must be heartbreaking, scarey and a whole other bunch of terrible emotions it conjures up.

As he's probably going to get a truckload of mail from well-wishers around the world I thought I'd post mine here for him.

Dear MP
In your song 'Strength' you said:

"Someone write me a letter, I need to know that I’m still alive
Someone give me a telephone call, I need to hear a human sound"

Seeing as the phone will probably be ringing off the hook and your mailbags are likely to be a bit fuller than normal I thought I'd take a chance here to send you a letter.

You've been at this place before Mike and knowing you, the way you are going to deal with it is with energy and positivity. The fight is on and I know you are never one to throw in the towel.

"My life has been shot down
I’m not ready to fall"

You have a team of Doctors down there in North Wales who are the best corner men in the business who have been there for you during previous fights. They will help find the best medications and solutions so you need not fear, this Situation is Under Control. As that song says:

"I’ve took enough hits in life to get through
I’ve took enough hits I can live with this
This situation is under control"

The new video you posted of 'Strength', with the new arrangement made me think there's a real sense of prayerfulness (maybe that's not the correct word to use) about it and it led me to another song of yours from a couple of years back, Come Alive

"I don’t know how to look into the future
I don’t now how to see what’s going down
I don’t know how to stop what’s going to happen
But I know how you make me feel right now

I'm fairly sure that your faith is going to be a huge part of what gets you through this.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm By Your Side, along with many others around the globe "To see you through the darkness"

"Fightback with all that you’ve got
Fightback with all that you are"

Prayers and Love

Watch Mike Peters Perform (this is UK TIME)  Live Today at 5.30pm Here!
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