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Monday, 12 October 2015

Happy Birthday Bob Mould

(Image from

Happy Birthday
Bob Mould
Born on this day in 1960

Track list:
 "The Act We Act" (Sugar)
"A Good Idea" (Sugar)
"Changes" (Sugar)
"Circles" (Bob Mould)
"Paralyzed" (Bob Mould)
"I Am Vision, I Am Sound" (Bob Mould)
"Underneath Days" (Bob Mould)
"Hoover Dam" (Sugar)
"See a Little Light" (Bob Mould)
"High Fidelity" (Bob Mould)
"Hardly Getting Over It" (Hüsker Dü)
"Could You Be the One?" (Hüsker Dü)
"I Apologize" (Hüsker Dü)
"Chartered Trips" (Hüsker Dü)
"The Receipt" (Bob Mould)
"Best Thing" (Bob Mould)
"Celebrated Summer" (Hüsker Dü)
"Beating Heart the Prize" (Bob Mould)
"Egoverride" (Bob Mould)
"If I Can't Change Your Mind" (Sugar)
"Helpless" (Sugar)
"Makes No Sense at All" (Hüsker Dü)
"Man on the Moon" (Sugar)

Notes on the video performance above
Found Tapes is a weekly show that highlights some of the rarest, wierdest, and sometimes just really cool videos that people send to us. This week, head down to DC to the legendary 9:30 Club to catch a live performance from the prolific (and very charming) Bob Mould.

Here, the iconic Hüsker Dü frontman is backed by drummer Brendan Canty (Fugazi), bassist/vocalist Jason Narducy (Rocket Over Sweden), and keyboards/vocals Richard Morel (Morel). This lineup was in the midst of 2005's Body of Song tour, which marked Mould's first non-solo tour in over a decade, and the first in which Hüsker Dü material was aired by a full band since their own 1988 split.

The quartet breeze through twenty-three songs from Hüsker Dü, Mould's former band Sugar, and his own solo material (including a heart-wrenching renditition of Hüsker Düs ballad "Hardly Getting over It”). Mould's in fine fettle here, his voice as plaintive and powerful as it was back in the Midwestern punk glory days.


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