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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Rewind: 1977 Ha! Ha! Ha! - Ultravox!

 Ha! Ha! Ha! - Ultravox!
Produced by Steve Lilywhite and Ultravox!
Released 14th October 1977
Did Not Chart!


    Warren Cann – drums, vocals, rhythm machine on "Hiroshima Mon Amour"
    Chris Cross – bass, vocals
    Billy Currie – violins, keyboards, synthesiser
    John Foxx – vocals, guitar on "Hiroshima Mon Amour"
    Stevie Shears – guitar

Additional personnel
    C.C. (from Gloria Mundi) – saxophone on "Hiroshima Mon Amour"

2006 Reissue with 6 Bonus Tracks

I'm sure I knew this before but maybe had forgotten, but Ultravox! with John Foxx on lead vocals never had a Single or Album that charted (getting to #26 in Sweden with the debut album the exception)! Can you believe that? It is most bizzare indeed because at the time, at least in my little world, Ultravox! were one of the biggest bands!

Eight months after their debut album Ultravox! released their second with Ha! Ha! Ha! The 8 Track album contained two singles (ROckWrok and Frozen Ones) and one of their finest songs I think in The Man Who Dies Every Day. Hiroshima Mon Armour was played on the Old Grey Whistle Test.

Recorded 21st November
Broadcast 28th November
01. My Sex
02. The Man Who Dies Every Day
03. Artificial Life
04. Young Savage
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