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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Rewind: 1980 Grin and Bear It - Ruts

Grin and Bear It - Ruts
Virgin Records
Produced by Ruts and Tony Wilson
October 1980
UK Chart #28

    Malcolm Owen - vocals
    Paul Fox - guitar
    John "Segs" Jennings - bass
    Dave Ruffy - drums
    Gary Barnacle - saxophone on "Love in Vain"
    Bill Barnacle - trumpet on "Love in Vain"

The Second album from the Ruts was probably not the one they had intended to release. They had been recording for a second album earlier in the year of 1980, not sure how many tracks they had recorded but there was a few songs kicking about as they had recorded three new ones for John Peel in their third and final session (hear the full session by clicking the link at the bottom of the page) in February (including the first version of what would become the last single released by the band whilst Malcom was still alive - Staring at the Rude Boys).

In August 1980 the band would release the final Ruts single, West One (Shine On Me) - a song I contend that is worthy of being considered their best! (Yes I know, Babylon's Burning, In A Rut...)

The Grin and Bear It album was basically a compilation of singles and B-Sides, two tracks from their final Peel Session and some live material recorded in Paris for the French TV show Chorus (Click here to see the full performance).

The band would continue on as Ruts DC until 1983 releasing a couple of albums and singles and then they came together again on 16th July 2007 to play a benefit show for guitarist Paul Fox (who had been diagnosed with Cancer) and who sadly passed away 21st October the same year. Henry Rollins took vocal duties for the show and did a mighty fine job as well.

A year after the show Ruts DC were back recording for an album that saw the light of day finally in 2013 - Listen to Rhythm Collision Vol. 2 Here! And they have been hitting the road with Leigh Heggarty on guitar (and doing a mighty fine job if I may say so), Segs still on the bass and taking lead vocal duties, and Ruffy on the drums. They are on tour at this moment - Click here for a performance from 2014 and  click here for their Strummercamp performance from earlier this year. It's great that they are keeping the memory of the music of the Ruts alive, but it's also brilliant they are not resting on their laurels as they continue to write and perform new material also.

 Third and final John Peel Session
Recorded 11th February 1980
Broadcast 18th February 1980
This was the rebroadcast of the session from 21st April 1980.
01. In A Rut 1980
02. Staring at the Rude Boys
03. Demolition Dancing
04. Secret Soldiers
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