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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Rewind: 1979 Dirk Wears White Søx - Adam and the Ants

Prior to the release of their debut album their first recorded output by Adam and the Ants came on the John Peel Show when they laid down four tracks for a January 1978 Session (Deutscher Girls, Puerto-Rican, It Doesn't Matter and Lou featuring Jordan). On the 24th January 1978 they re-recorded the Deutscher Girls track for Derek Jarman's Jubilee Movie and laid down some overdubs on a version of Plastic Surgery that had originally been recorded in 1977 at a Demos session.

A second Peel Session came in July 1978 and was broadcast on the 17th of the month (tracks included: You're So Physical, Cleopatra, Friends and I'm A Zerox Machine).

Decca Records signed them and only one single was released on October 20th 1978: Young Parisians / Lady. Most people I know prefer the B-side to the A-side.

A third John Peel Session was broadcast in April 1979, songs featured were: Tabletalk, Ligotage, Animals and Men and Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face).
After Decca had let them go they signed with Independent Do It Records and released their second single Zerøx / Whip In My Valise in June 1979.

Debut Album Release
On this day in 1979 Adam and the Ants released their debut album Dirk Wears White Søx. It holds the distinction for being the first ever #1 album on the UK Independent Albums Chart in Record Week.

Not long after the album was released Malcom McLaren took over the management of the band after Adam had gone to him frustrated with the lack of commercial success.

On 26 January 1980, McLaren convinced the rest of the band – then comprising guitarist Matthew Ashman, bassist Leigh Gorman (who had replaced Andrew Warren in November 1979) and drummer Dave Barbe – to leave Adam and the Ants and form Bow Wow Wow, fronted by Annabella Lwin.

Between February and April 1980 Adam Ant set about putting together a new band that would feature Marco Pirroini (formerly of Siouxsie and the Banshees - he played guitar at their first ever show at the 100 Club in 1976 as part of the Punk Rock Festival - Sid Vicious played Drums - , and he was also a member of The Models - who released a classic single in 1977: Freeze / Man of the Year on Step Forward Records) on guitar and partner in writing many of Adam Ant's future hit singles right on into the 1990's.

As a contract filler for Do It Records in February 1980 Adam and the Ants released a re-recorded version of Cartrouble / Kick. John Moss (formerly of punk band London - who had recorded an album Animal Games and two singles: Everyone's A Winner and Summer of Love - and had played with The Damned prior to their first break up and was to become the drummer of Culture Club) played on the single (he is credited as Terrys 1 and 2). Marco did the guitar and bass parts.

Unaided by label support the new band (now consisting of Adam Ant - Vocals, Marci Pirroni - Guitar, Kevin Mooney - Bass, Chris 'Merrick' Hughes and Terry Lee Miall both on Drums) hit the road for The Ants Invasion Tour and were rewarded a contract at the end of it with CBS Records.

I have to confess that I was not a huge fan of the material he put out on CBS and I much prefer everything prior to it!

Dirk Wears White Søx - Adam and the Ants
Do It
Produced by Adam Ant and Chris Hughes
Released on 30th October 1979
UK Independent Album Chart #1
UK Album Chart #16
 The Line - Up that recorded the album was:
    Adam Ant – vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, harmonica
    Dave Barbarossa (as Dave Barbe) – drums
    Matthew Ashman – guitar, piano
    Andrew Warren – bass guitar

 Side One.
Cartrouble (Part 1 and 2).
Digital Tenderness.
Nine Plan Failed.
Day I Met God.
 Side Two.
Catholic Day.
Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face).
Animals and Men.
Family Of Noise.
The Idea.

The albums was re-released in 1983, no doubt to cash in with the band's success on CBS. I have no idea who on earth made the decision to drop The Day I Met God and Catholic Day from the running order! But they did and added The single version of Cartrouble and Kick to start the album and Side two began with Zerøx and ended with Whip In My Valise.

1983 re-release
Side A
1.     "Cartrouble"       3:23
2.     "Kick!"       2:05
3.     "Digital Tenderness"       3:03
4.     "Nine Plan Failed"       3:10
5.     "Family of Noise"       2:34
6.     "Tabletalk"       5:33
Side B
"Zerøx"       3:45
2.     "Cleopatra"       3:15
3.     "Never Trust a Man (With Egg on His Face)"       3:13
4.     "Animals and Men"       3:16
5.     "The Idea"       3:24
6.     "Whip in My Valise"       3:58

The 1995 CD Release did reinstate the tracks but not in their original order:
1.     "Cartrouble (Parts 1 & 2)"       6.51
2.     "Kick!"       2:05
3.     "Digital Tenderness"       3:03
4.     "Nine Plan Failed"       3:10
5.     "Family of Noise"       2:34
6.     "Tabletalk"       5:33
"Zerøx"       3:45
8.     "Cleopatra"       3:15
9.     "Never Trust a Man (With Egg on His Face)"       3:13
10.     "Animals and Men"       3:16
11.     "The Idea"       3:24
12.     "Whip in My Valise"       3:58
13.     "Catholic Day"       3.08
14.     "Day I Met God"       2:58

The 2004 Reissue that had been remastered finally sorted the original Tracklisting order out and you can listen to it in full here:
1.     "Cartrouble (Parts 1 & 2)"       6.51
2.     "Digital Tenderness"       3.03
3.     "Nine Plan Failed"       5.18
4.     "Day I Met God"       2:58
5.     "Tabletalk"       5.34
6.     "Cleopatra"       3.15
7.     "Catholic Day"       3.08
8.     "Never Trust a Man (With Egg on His Face)"       3.13
9.     "Animals and Men"       3.20
10.     "Family of Noise"       2.36
11.     "The Idea"       3.26
12.     "Zerøx"       3.48
13.     "Whip in My Valise"       4.00
14.     "Kick!"       1.36
15.     "Physical"       3.59
16.     "Cartrouble (Parts 1 & 2) (Hughes Mix)"       6.36
17.     "Friends"       2.40
18.     "Cartrouble (Single Version)"       3.24
19.     "Kick! (Single Version)"       2.06
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