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Friday, 12 February 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 43 - Einstein's Theory

There seemed to be a lot of happy Scientists yesterday, I have no idea what on earth it was all about as being the unscienctific sort all I heard was black holes dancing in space and crashing into each other and something about Wave Theory and that Einstein had been talking about it 100 years ago.

If you accidently stumbled on this page and were expecting some kind of take from a rock and roll perspective I'm sorry to disappoint you. But whilst you are here I should mention that Einstein has turned up a few times in music down through the years. The first time I can recall I heard his name mentioned was in Landscape's 1981 hit single (reached #5) Einstein A Go-Go. There is also a song called The Relativity Song but I don't know who it's by (probably a few mad Scientists!)! His name does pop up in a few other places as well, I suggest you Google it and you'll find it in that big black hole we call the internet!

Bruce Springsteen mentions Albert Einstein sitting down having a beer with Bill Shakespeare in his song Frankie Fell In Love:

Einstein and Shakespeare
Sitting having a beer
Einstein trying to figure out the number that adds up to this
Shakespeare said, "Man it all starts with a kiss"

Einstein is scratching
Numbers on his napkin
Shakespeare said, "Man, it's just one and one make three
Ah, that's why it's poetry"

Frankie Fell In Love 
(Live at Mohegan Sun 18th May 2014)

As to Wave Theory I can merely point towards Soft Cell's hit single 'Say Hello, Wave Goodbye'. It reached #3 in the charts in 1982 but was originally released on the album Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret in 1981(the same year as Landscape released their single, coincidence?).

I might be stretching here a bit but even Wave Theory seems to have been treated in music quite a bit over the years. The term Waving Not Drowning has been used by a number of people for song titles or album titles (Rupert Hine). Here's a few: Ocean Colour Scene, Orbital, Mike Skinner for The Inbetweeners movie, Big Country, the band Willow Tree did Not Drowning, Waving, as did a number of other bands. So Wave Theory must be important, and The Queen regularly practises Wave Theory. Old Albert must have said some good way back when for so many to be interested in it all!

Say Hello Wave Goodbye - Soft Cell

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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