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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Rewind: 1984 Declaration - The Alarm

'Declaration' by The Alarm is one of those albums that is like a friend who never goes away, and if you happen to lose sight of it for a moment there is no need to fear because it is always there waiting to to be heard. I can't even think how many copies of this I've gone through since it's release and have had it on just about every format there is apart from 8-Track.

It's still one of my most favourite Debut Albums ever.

Prior to the release of the album the band had released four singles that would eventually end up on the record: The Stand (#86 UK), Marching On, Sixty-Eight Guns (#17 UK, #106 US) and Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke? (#22 UK). The Deceiver (#51 UK) would be released afterwards. Whilst the singles are pretty tidy it's actually the other tracks that are the real crackers as well: Third Light, We Are The Light, Shout to the Devil, Blaze of Glory, Tell Me, and Howling Wind.

Many of the songs from Declaration are still played today either by Mike Peters solo or with the current line-up of The Alarm (see below for a list of links).

Declaration - The Alarm
I.R.S. Records
Produced by Alan Shacklock
Released 13th February 1984
UK Album Charts #6
US Album Charts #50

Bass, Guitar, Vocals — Eddie MacDonald
Drums, Percussion, Vocals — Twist
Guitar [Acoustic & Electric], Vocals — Dave Sharp
Vocals, Guitar [Acoustic], Harmonica — Mike Peters

Declaration Live
Declaration/Marching On - (The Alarm 2008)
Third Light*- (Mike Peters 2014)
Sixty-Eight Guns - (The Alarm 2013)
We Are The Light - (Mike Peters 2010)
Shout To The Devil - (Mike Peters 2014)
Blaze of Glory - (The Alarm 2008)
Tell Me*- (Mike Peters 2014)
The Deceiver*- (The Alarm 2001)
The Stand - (The Alarm 2008)
Howling Wind - (Mike Peters 2015)

* Also Check Out Eddie MacDonald's new group Smalltown Glory performing Third Light (The Young Known Soldier) 2016.

Dave Sharp has also performed The Deceiver and I think Tell Me (but I can't find any links for that, though I stand to be corrected if he hasn't).

Blaze of Glory
VH1 Bands Reunited

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