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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 45 - Sunday Morning Favourites #5 Valentine's Day

Well today is Valentine's Day and it is fitting for one and all budding romancers to remember that the correct choice of music will be just as important as remembering if you got the card or the gift (if you have agreed to do that, some folks don't and that's fine).

So this is a wee notice to the men out there reading this today! If you are a lady and stumbled onto this page by accident, please don't go and commit any crimes against your man just because he hasn't read this!

This is not a day for filling the airwaves with the mournful desperate lovelorn pleas of The Smiths, and signing the Valentine's Card 'You're the One for Me Fatty' is liable to get you a punch in the jaw rather than the expected peck on the cheek!

Neither is it a day to try and charm her with your most recent Extreme Noise Terror CD, as she would probably win any court case in reference to your demise with the verdict 'Justifiable Homicide' ringing out loudly from the Judge's Bench!

Today the music must be smooth, full of love and romance. Otis or some other fine Soul dude will do, though Barry White - that great old love machine - might be a little too over the top, especially if you have only been dating or married a short time!

The easiest course is to go with some like Al Green, yes it's true he is also a Reverend, therefore you can be guaranteed there's not any tasteless romantic dribble but just 100% music of the heart to move another heart. His 1972 Classic Album 'Let's Stay Together' is probably a good one to go with. The title track when released as a single reached #1 in the USA and #7 here in the UK. The album on the other hand did not chart in the UK (I know, scandalous!) but peaked at #8 in the US.

Stick this album on, play it loud (but not as loud as you play your Napalm Death or Kenny, your Simply Red CD's!), say nice things to your beloved and treat her right by maybe making her dinner (and no, boiling the kettle for a Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noddle will never be classed as making her dinner!) and if by the end of the day you are still loving and living then come back and visit the blog tomorrow where you might find some more sound advice to help you on your way.

Let's Stay Together - Al Green (1972)

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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