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Friday, 5 February 2016

Rewind: 1980 Boys Don't...erm...Three Imaginary....whatever! - The Cure

Robert Smith has said on a number of occasions that Three Imaginary Boys, the debut album by The Cure was not very good and didn't actually sound like The Cure at all!

So imagine the excitement on hearing there was a new album from The Cure coming out on the 5th February 1980 (not even a year since the debut!) but only for the heart to sink in desolation when you discovered that it was actually a reworking of the Debut album that had been attacked with sharp knife and ungloriously put back together again using toilet roll tubes and sticky back plastic (thank you Blue Peter!) and like a piece of Ikea furniture there were bits missing and a couple of things that weren't there in the first place!

On CD versions of the album Object is replaced by So What. Also the scream on Subway was shortened and World War was cut.

Boys Don't Cry had been a stand alone single and that and the b-side Plastic Passion became the opening two songs! Foxy Lady, It's Not You,  and Meathook were removed totally (hidden track on Three Imaginary Boys known as The Weedy Burton was also removed)!

Apparently this was done for the US Market to make the band's music more accessible (but didn't actually get released there until August 1980 and it didn't chart!).

Boys Don't Cry (5th February 1980)

Three Imaginary Boys (8th May 1979)

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