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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 56 - The Brit Awards

Well, it seems once again I have been successful in totally avoiding The Brit Awards. I didn't even realise they were on until I saw a status update on Facebook by a friend bemoaning his immense dislike for Ellie Golding. Whilst all this was going on I was happily listening to Manchester City playing Dynamo Kiev on the Radio and doing my Music is the Doctor playlist for the week.

I can't even recall the last time I actually sat down and watched The Brits but the morning after I always go and have a look and see who won and shake my head in disbelief because most of the winners I've never even heard of. This tells you I'm either just an old fuddy duddy who can't keep up with the times or I'm a wise old goat who clearly has some discernment about what is good and what is bad when it comes to music.

So, this year I hadn't heard of Jack Garratt who won a Critic's Choice Award. I have no idea on what criteria they were voting but maybe the ballot question was "The Artist You Think Is In Most Need of A Shave"! I only say that after seeing a picture of the mysterious Garratt for the first time ever over at The Guardian.

The British Breakthrough Act is also a band I've never heard of, Catfish and the Bottlemen. Apparently they come from Llandudno in Wales, which is a place I know well. According to The Guardian this band are one of "Britian's Big Guitar Bands" and their live shows "attract a fearsomely committed audience" - yep at the price of tickets to shows these days you have to be "fearsomely committed"!

British Male Solo Artist James Bay is someone who I have heard a bit of, well, a bit of is a stretch considering that I saw an advert for his album on the TV a few weeks back and promptly turned the channel over to BBC News 24!

If I had been eating my breakfast at this point I would have spat my Honey Waffles out all over the laptop when I saw that Bieber had won International Male Solo Artist. His competition apart from Father John Misty I'd never heard of except in passing. So I'm guessing that they just had to go with the guy who didn't sound like an iffy priest!

The International Group award always sounds like it could throw up some one decent but again I have to ask who on earth are Tame Impala? Seeing the nominees I thought Alabama Shakes might have a shot (I've heard of them and possess their albums!), Major Lazer I'd never heard of and clearly Eagles of Death Metal were on the list for some kind of sympathy thing and U2 were put in the wrong category again as the The Brits failed to create The We Are Still Pissed Off At U2 For Invading Our iPhones Award!

As for Adele winning the Album of the Year Award - well when you look at the Nominees they really had no choice did they! She somehow managed to collect another three statues over the evening including one for World Domination or something like that...the leaders of North Korea and Russia are currently taking lessons from Ms Adele about how this is done!

Best British Group went to the band who should never be mentioned. Those bandits almost ruined my Super Bowl experience a few weeks ago and the less said abut them the better.

I could go on but I'm already bored writing this rant.

I feel I should finish with a piece of  good music (not from any of those who were nominated or won at The Brits last night) because after all this is a Music Blog.

 Better Scream - Wah! Heat
Released 25th February 1980

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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