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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The August Album Challenge: 19. Album By A Female Artist

An Album by a Female Artist? Do you realise how hard that is to actually pin one particular album down when there are a number of Artists from whom to choose from: Holly Williams, Mindy Smith, Yvonne Lyon (that's the second time this month she's got a mention!), Roseanne Cash, Jennifer Knapp, Crystal Lewis, Maria McKee, Alyson Moyet, Lucinda Williams, Patti Smith...and on and on we could go.

So I ended up choosing Emmylou Harris and her stunningly beautiful album Stumble Into Grace.

The first album I ever heard of Emmylou was Evangeline from 1981. I can remember being struck by the sheer beauty of her voice, I'm sure I had heard her before on the radio somewhere on my travels but to sit and listen to a complete album of a style of music I didn't care too much for (my how times have changed!) was an incredible experience! Over the years I have managed to collect pretty much all the albums she's released including the ones where she has been collaborating with others. Luxury Liner, Blue Kentucky Girl, Evangeline, Bluebird, Cowgirl's Prayer, Wrecking Ball, Red Dirt Girl, All I Intended To Be and her Live at The Ryman with The Nash Ramblers are among some of my favourites.

I was so over the moon when I got to see her live at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow back in 2008 when she was over promoting her All I Intended To Be album. Assuming the show to be Sold Out I ventured a chance to the Royal Concert Hall Booking Office and discovered there were some seats left and managed to get one in the fifth row! I was really hoping that Buddy Miller would be traveling with her on the tour but no such joy. Another chap that I had contact with was playing in her band though, Phil Madeira (another great musician who has been interviewed here on Soundtrack4Life before). A couple of years ago I even managed to track down a bootleg of the show from that night and it still gives me goose pimples listening to parts of the show where Emmylou's voice sounds so haunting. I've included a couple of pictures I took that night, some are just gorgeous and I didn't even have to use a flash or anything.

Stumble Into Grace - Emmylou Harris
Nonesuch Records
Produced by Malcom Burn
Released 23rd September 2003
US Chart #58
US Country #6
UK Chart #52

(Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow 2008 DMW)

All tracks composed by Emmylou Harris; except where indicated
  1. "Here I Am" – 3:47
  2. "I Will Dream" (Harris, Kate McGarrigle, Anna McGarrigle) – 5:00
  3. "Little Bird" (Harris, Kate McGarrigle, Anna McGarrigle) – 3:14
  4. "Time in Babylon" (Harris, Jill Cunniff) – 4:37
  5. "Can You Hear Me Now" (Harris, Malcolm Burn) – 5:37
  6. "Strong Hand" – 3:16
  7. "Jupiter Rising" (Harris, Paul Kennerley) – 3:03
  8. "O Evangeline" – 5:41
  9. "Plaisir d'Amour" (Traditional) – 2:22
  10. "Lost Unto This World" (Harris, Daniel Lanois) – 4:34
  11. "Cup of Kindness" – 3:55

(Royal Concert Hall Glasgow 2008 DMW)

    Emmylou Harris - vocals, acoustic guitar, 6-string bass guitar
    Tony Hall - bass, guitar, backing vocals
    Brady Blade - drums, backing vocals
    Ethan Johns - drums, electric guitar
    Julie Miller - backing vocals
    Jane Siberry - backing vocals
    Malcolm Burn - bass, electric guitar, piano, whistling, churanga, percussion, harmonica, Fender Rhodes, B2 organ, backing vocals
    Buddy Miller - acoustic guitar, electric guitar
    Kate McGarrigle - accordion, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
    Anna McGarrigle - accordion, backing vocals
    Daryl Johnson - percussion, bass, backing vocals
    Daniel Lanois - pedal steel guitar, electronic orchestra, backing vocals
    Bernie Leadon - electric guitar
    Linda Ronstadt - backing vocals
    Kevin Salem - electric guitar
    Colin Linden - electric guitar
    Gillian Welch - backing vocals
    Jill Cunniff - backing vocals
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