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Sunday, 16 August 2015

The August Album Challenge: 16. Soundtrack

Soundtracks are not something that I'm always aware of because I'm not the worlds greatest movie buff. The ones that I know and possess are usually from films that make an impression on me in some way or another. So I could have chosen The Blues Brothers as that is probably one of my favourite films ever, or Slade in Flame because when it came out I was one of the biggest Slade fans or I could have chosen Rock 'n' Roll High School because the film featured the Ramones and had some great tunes in the soundtrack.

But I have gone for the obscure and one that few people would know I would like. It's from a French film from 1981 called Diva. I'm not usually a fan of foreign language films (it's hard following subtitles whilst trying to munch popcorn and keep up with the action!) but somehow this movie struck me as something worth seeing. I trotted off to Leicester Square one night to watch and was captivated by it. Opera is not something I enjoy but in the context of the film Alfredo Catalani's La Wally sounds absolutely gorgeous.

As I can't find the full soundtrack on You Tube I decided that maybe I should just post the film instead, which I happened to find on YT. Aplogies for the poor dubbing not my doing!

The Film

Aria from La Wally

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