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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

45RPM: #4 London Girls (Live) Released

On this day in 1977 Epic Records released the second single (though it was actually the fifth single from the band, the previous three having been released on RAK) from The Vibrators. I have no idea why they chose to release a live single (it wasn't exactly going to get any airplay!). It came two months after the release of their debut album Pure Mania.

The Vibrators had a bit of a rough ride among the early punks for two reasons, firstly they were all a bit old (Knox was 30 when they began at the start of 1976), and secondly they had the cheek to invite Chris Spedding up to play with them at the Punk Rock Festival at the 100 Club! And Spedding did the band a favour and recommended them to his label RAK and they got to release two singles We Vibrate / Whips and Furs, Pogo Dancing / The Pose before jumping to Epic and releasing one of the most outstanding singles with Baby Baby / Into The Future. How Baby Baby didn't become a hit single is still a total mystery to me!

 London Girls (Live)


Stiff Little Fingers (Dead)

Epic Records
 Produced by Lem Luben and Simon Humphrey
Released 19th August 1977
Did Not Chart

For years I had always assumed that these two tracks were recorded at The Nashville in Kensington. I have no idea why I thought that because there's no information on the picture sleeve or on the label where they were recorded. It was only a few years ago that I discovered that they were actually recorded at The Marquee in Wardour Street. I do not know on what day though, I've been looking around trying to discover the date but with no result.
Anyway here's the actual show that they were recorded at. It's a full set list of twenty odd songs in thirty one minutes! Enjoy!

Live at The Marquee 1977
Full Set

01 Wrecked on you
02 Raw Power/No Fun
03 London girls
04 Stiff little fingers
05 Wake up
06 He's a Psycho
07 No heart
08 Baby baby
09 Sweet sweet heart
10 Flying duck theory
11 Whips and Furs
12 I need a slave
13 Keep it clean
14 Feel alright
15 Sex Kick
16 Jumpin' Jack Flash
17 Bad Times
18 You broke my heart
19 She's Bringin' You Down
020 24 Hour People
021 Automatic lover

If you've made it this far let me tell you that you can catch The Vibrators this Thursday Evening (20th August) at The Half Moon in Putney as special guests of The Members!
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