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Friday, 7 August 2015

The August Album Challenge: 7. Singer/Songwriter

Ten Thousand Days - Bebo Norman
Watershed Records
Produced by Ed Cash/Bebo Norman
Released 14th September 1999

One of the things I think I'm going to like about this challenge is the fact that I get to post some albums that a lot of people might not be aware of or ones that are very personal to me. Today's choice is one that's very special to me for a number of different reasons related to faith issues. You can ask me about them if you like but this is not the place to go into them.

Today's choice is an album by a Singer/Songwriter. I actually have quite a few that I could have put up. My friends Yvonne and David Lyon have both released beautiful solo albums that I easily could have shared today (maybe another day for those two) but I've gone with Bebo Norman. He retired from music at the end of 2013 (way too young for my liking but I understood some of his reasons why) after releasing 12 albums between 1996-2012. He comes from Georgia in the USA and gained popularity touring with another band I like called Caedmon's Call. We actually got to see him a few times, one time he came and played during the Edinburgh Fringe, and then in Atlanta and the third time was back in Edinburgh again. I still have a framed autographed poster on the wall that he inscribed "Doug and Kerstin, So good to see you on your home turf. Blessings, Bebo".

Ten Thousand Days was actually Bebo Norman's second album but his first on a major record label. Fabric of Verse his first in 1996, had been released on Independent Anchor Records and produced by Ed Cash. Some tracks from it would show up on Ten Thousand Days.
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