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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Men of a Certain Age by Loved Up Les (2015)

I watched this a few moments ago and really liked it and so thought I'd share it with you good people. The song is a Co-Write between Les Glover and Henry Priestman...yes, that  Henry Priestman of The Yachts, It's Immaterial and The Christians!

I hope Les Glover doesn't mind me "borrowing" his bio from his Facebook Page but it will give you a little bit of info about him.

"Les has a very dynamic approach to playing and applies his unique style to sing and play his own, original compositions. A blend of bitter sweet observations with a hint of sarcasm and more than a sprinkling of wry humour. He is currently recording his first solo album 'The Love Terrorist', with his musical mentor Henry Priestman, with whom he will be playing at various venues around the UK.
He will also cover anything and everything (including,
Bowie, the Police, Sting,
the Pogues, Peter Gabriel, The Eagles, Tom Petty, Beatles, Stones, Paolo Nutini, Amy Winehouse, Motorhead, Abba, Queen, Paul Weller, The Killers, REM
100% live, no backing tracks are harmed/used during the performances.

 Over the last 30 years, Les has been playing, both here and across Europe and has several TV and radio appearances to his credit. He has played and sang with a variety of top acts, including, Henry Priestman(Yachts/The Christians), Graham Gouldman(10cc), Gary Barlow(Take That), Pete Riley(Treehouse/Edwin McCain/Amy Wadge), Lotte Mullan, Micaela Haslam (BBC singers/Synergy Vocals) and The Houghton Weavers! He has also supported acts including, Martin Stephenson, Nick Harper, Wreckless Eric and many, many more. He has an unhealthy love of pop music for a man of his age, as well as a healthy dislike for Cliff."

Watch Loved Up Les and Henry Priestman Perform The Love Terrorist!

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