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Saturday, 15 August 2015

The August Album Challenge: 15. - Wildcard

A Wildcard Choice Today. Oh my that leaves me wondering "Shall I add this one? No, not that one, this one will do!...Oh so many to choose from!"

So, with album titles thrown into the proverbial hat and drawn randomly, today's choice goes way back some 38 years to 1977 and a brilliant band from Canvey Island!

 Life on the Line - Eddie and the Hot Rods
Island Records
Produced by Ed Hollis
Released 4th November 1977
UK Chart #27

A year after their groundbreaking Debut Album Teenage Depression, Eddie and the Hot Rods had expanded to a Five Piece with the addition of former guitarist of the Kursaal Flyers Graeme Douglas.They had been excellent with just Dave Higgs on guitar and now with the inclusion of Graeme they really stepped it up a notch and whilst moving away a bit from the rhythm and blues that they had been playing since their start in 1975 they continued to create their own sound.

Prior to the release of the album they had enjoyed their very first (and only) Top Ten hit when Do Anything You Wanna Do became a late Summer Smash as it peaked at #9. Whilst they were not really a Punk band they certainly gripped the mind of this young punk, and songs like Do Anything, Quit this Town, Ignore Them, Life on the Line and The Beginning of the End became part of my teenage soundtrack.

Life on the Line album deserved to go higher than #27 I think. Ever since its release it has been an album that is never too far out of reach for me. If you asked me how many times I've played it in 38 years I would honestly have to say that is easily more than 500 times!

Sadly Dave Higgs is no longer with us having passed away in December 2013. A couple of months ago Eddie and the Hot Rods gathered together the remains of the 1977 line up to perform a few shows and below I've included some footage from their set on the 19th June in London. I've also added some links for various TV performances between 1977-78 of the band. I do hope you take the time to enjoy all the music on today's post. 

    Barrie Masters - Vocals
    Graeme Douglas - Guitar, Backing Vocals
    Dave Higgs - Guitar, backing vocals
    Paul Gray - Bass, Backing Vocals
    Steve Nicol - Drums, Backing Vocals

Original Tracklist
Side A
1. Do Anything You Wanna Do
2. Quit This Town
3. Telephone Girl
4. What's Really Going On
5. Ignore Them (Still Life)
Side B
1. Life On The Line
2. (And) Don't Believe Your Eyes
3. We Sing ... The Cross
4. Beginning Of the End


Singles on Life on the Line

Released as The Rods
UK Chart #9

UK Chart #36

UK Did Not Chart

Eddie and the Hot Rods on TV
I Might Be Lying (Top of the Pops)
Do Anything You Wanna Do (Top of the Pops)
Do Anything You Wanna Do (Disco - I think this might be a Dutch show, not totally sure)
Quit This Town (Top of the Pops)
The Beginning of the End (Old Grey Whistle Test)

1977 Line-Up Shows

18th June 2015
The Square Harlow
19th June 2015

Get Across To You
Teenage Depression
Telephone Girl
 Quit This Town.
Wooly Bully
Writing on the Wall
 I Might Be Lying.
 Life on the Line.
The Beginning of the End .
Get Out of Denver

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