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Monday, 23 May 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 144 - Graham Parker & The Rumour

Having already signed a deal with Arista Records and preparing for the album that would become Squeezing Out the Sparks, Graham Parker & The Rumour were still required to provide one more album for their outgoing label Mercury. They signed off their term with The Parkerilla, a double disc live album that was recorded at Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, Manchester Opera House, Apollo Theatre, Oxford and The Palladium, New York City; and mixed at Rockfield Studios, Wales.

The album didn't break any new ground (which is understandable as they wanted any new music for the new label) and is probably a faithful rendition of a typical live show by the band. The critics were not so nice toward it (they rarely are when it comes to live albums) as they were, like the rest of us, awaiting new music.

The Parkerilla - Graham Parker & The Rumour
Produced by Mutt Lange
Released May 1978

    Graham Parker – vocals, guitar
    Brinsley Schwarz – guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals
    Bob Andrews – organ, piano, keyboards, backing vocals, musical director, horn arrangements
    Martin Belmont – guitar, backing vocals
    Andrew Bodnar – bass guitar
    Steve Goulding – drums, backing vocals

The Rumour Brass:
    Ray Bevis - tenor saxophone
    John Earle - tenor and baritone saxophone
    Chris Gower - trombone
    Dick Hanson - trumpet, flugelhorn

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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