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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Rewind: Ocean Rain - Echo & the Bunnymen (1984)

The fourth studio album from Echo & the Bunnymen, 'Ocean Rain', was the follow up to 'Porcupine' which had a bit of a poor reception in some quarters (though it did reach #2 in the UK Charts). It's a shame it got such poor reviews but it did kick off with two Bunnymen classics, The Cutter and The Back of Love.

Inbetween they released the non-album single Never Stop that peaked at #15 on the charts.

Then came Ocean Rain. An album that is now regarded as a stone cold classic by some whilst others don't paint such a nice picture of it. As I do not bow to the pen of the critic I will happily say that it is indeed an album of wonderful songs set against the back drop of a gorgeous orchestral soundtrack. Killing Moon clearly is the standout track on the album but that is not to dismiss any of the others because they all in some little way are precious. Seven Seas still makes me smile and all these years on I still have no clue what on earth Ian McCulloch is on about!

I dedicate this to my friend Stuart Crawford as I'm sure he will remind me when I post it on Facebook that Echo & the Bunnymen are the best band in the world!

Ocean Rain - Echo & the Bunnymen
Produced by Echo & the Bunnymen, Gil Norton and Henri Loustau
Released 4th May 1984
UK Chart #4
US Chart #87

Singles from Ocean Rain
    01. "The Killing Moon"
    Released: 20 January 1984
UK Chart #9

    02. "Silver"
    Released: 13 April 1984
UK Chart #30

    03. "Seven Seas"
    Released: 6 July 1984
UK Chart #16
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