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Friday, 13 May 2016

Friday 13th EP - The Damned (1981)

Friday 13th EP - The Damned
Produced by Tony "Broozer" Mansfield
Released Friday 13th November 1981
UK Chart #50

Friday 13th EP was released as part of a one-off deal with NEMS Records and was actually released on a Friday 13th! It did get into the charts back when EPs were still eligible for the charts (not sure when they stopped that)

All tracks bar Citadel were penned by Scabies/Vanian/Sensible/Gray. Citadel was a cover of a Rolling Stones track penned by Jagger and Richards.

Limit Club was their tribute to the memory of Ruts lead vocalist Malcom Owen.

Billy Bad Breaks I am not totally sure I can remember if it was the song or the instrumental version that was on the EP as my copy is long lost. I say this because the length on the record was 3.53 and that's about the length of the Instrumental, whilst the vocal version is thirty seconds shorter. I'm sure someone will put me right.

As it's Friday 13th today I thought it would be worth posting the rules in accordance with various movies!

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