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Monday, 30 May 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 151 - Billy Bragg & Wilco

I don't have time today to write a lot about the wonders of this album so I apologise off the bat for that.

It's the second in the Mermaid Avenue series featuring the songs of Woody Guthrie performed by Billy Bragg & Wilco.

It was released on this very day back in 2000.

Mermaid Avenue Vol. II
Billy Bragg & Wilco
Produced by Billy Bragg, Wilco and Grant Showbiz
Released 30th May 2000

    Jeff Tweedy - guitar, vocal, clapping, Mellotron, cabasa, 12 string guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, Wurlitzer
    Jay Bennett - guitar, backing vocal, slide guitar, shaker, saw, 12 string guitar, B3 organ, Leslie pedals, Farfisa organ, mandolin, piano, tambourine, electric sitar, soloing, nylon string guitar, banjo, harmonica, drums, upright bass, Delayaphone, bells
    John Stirat bass, backing vocal, claps, upright bass, baritone guitar
    Billy Bragg - guitar, vocal, resonator guitar
    Ken Coomer - drums, tape box, tambourine, percussion, backing vocal, hollering, kick drum, gas heater

Additional Musicians
    Mike Henry - backing vocal on "My Flying Saucer"
    Natalie Merchant - guest lead vocal on "I Was Born"
    Leroy Bach - piano on "Remember The Mountain Bed"
    Corey Harris - guest lead vocal and acoustic guitar on "Against Th' Law"
    Eliza Carthy - violin on "Joe DiMaggio Has Done It Again"

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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