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Sunday, 22 May 2016

45RPM: #87 Whole Wide World - The Soup Dragons (1986)

Whole Wide World - The Soup Dragons
Subway Organiztion (Subway 4)
Released 30th May 1986
UK Indie Chart #2

A-Side: Whole Wide World

The 12" also included Pleasantly Surprised on the A-Side.

It was almost like the second coming of Buzzcocks hearing Whole Wide World (not to be confused with the Wreckless Eric song of the same name) by The Soup Dragons.

They hailed from Bellshill which is just up the road from where I am living now. I must admit that I actually prefer the early stuff from the band and wasn't too much fussed with the whole rock/dance crossover material on the likes of Lovegod album and I'm Free single etc.

Anyway, this one is my favourite single of theirs, a real Indie classic.

B-Side: I Know Everything

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