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Friday, 25 September 2015

1989 - Ryan Adams (21st September 2015)

If for some bizzare reason an alien visiting planet earth for the first time stumbled upon 1989 by Ryan Adams as it searched for the music us humans were listening to and knew nothing of its history I think it would be amazed by the noise that springs forth from it. 

If he/she then stumbled on 1989 by Taylor Swift I'm sure he/she would be confused because that record is nothing like the Adams record, and I'm pretty sure the alien would get back in his/her spacecraft and leave with only the Ryan Adams album as a prize possession!

Ryan Adams first announced his Swiftian endeavor in August. On Instagram, he previewed his annotated copy of the "Welcome to New York" lyrics and revealed that he would record the synth-y pop songs in the style of the Smiths! Well, he didn't quite get that part right but it's pretty impressive I think.
Adams' 1989 is released digitally for now, though he has indicated that CD and vinyl versions will also be released.

One of my friends mentioned a rumour that Taylor Swift might record a cover of Ryan Adams' Heartbreaker album, now that would be quite interesting to hear!


Taylor Swift - 1989*
* I couldn't find the whole album on You Tube so the above Links are just for the Promo Videos for the Singles released from the 1989 Album.
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