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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Rewind: 1980 Hanx! - Stiff Little Fingers

Hanx! - Stiff Little Fingers
Produced by Doug Bennett
Released 12th September 1980
UK Chart #9

Jake Burns – vocals/guitar
Jim Reilly – drums
Henry Cluney – guitar
Ali McMordie – bass

The album was originally intended for the American Market but Jake Burns felt that a lot of fans would end up buying it on Import and thus wouldn't it be easier to release it in the UK. They did so at a budget price from what I remember around £2.99 I think! It's good hearing Jake's thoughts on it in the Interview Link below.

I had noticed a couple of places had this down as an 11th September release but I was certain that it was a different day. So I contacted Henry Cluney on fb and asked him and he confirmed that it was the 12th.

I asked him if he remembered the show and he said whilst he didn't recall it too well that Friars had some good memories for him. I also asked why only Johnny Was is the only track from the Rainbow gig and he said (jokingly I'm sure),"Hmmm....looks like we played the rest of the set badly at the Rainbow!" (I actually cannot imagine that ever happening as most of the SLF shows I saw back then they were on top form most nights). He also mentioned the support act, The Wingnuts from Ohio (who were infact SLF with masks on).

I found a great piece that describes an SLF show in Bradford in 1979 that's worth a read.

Henry Cluney and Jim Reilly by the way play together in a band called XSLF, worth checking out.

    "Nobody's Hero" (Burns/Ogilvie) – 4:03
    "Gotta Gettaway" (Fingers/Ogilvie) – 2:23
    "Wait and See" (Burns/Ogilvie) – 4:19
    "Barbed Wire Love" (Fingers/Ogilvie) – 3:25
    "Fly the Flag" (Fingers/Ogilvie) – 3:28
    "Alternative Ulster" (Fingers/Ogilvie) – 3:01
    "Johnny Was" (Bob Marley) – 10:09*
    "At the Edge" (Fingers) – 2:38
    "Wasted Life" (Burns) – 3:28
    "Tin Soldiers" (Fingers/Ogilvie) – 5:02
    "Suspect Device" (Fingers/Ogilvie) – 2:17

*Recorded Live at The Rainbow, London 20th July 1980
The Rest of the album was recorded live at Aylesbury Friars 25th July 1980

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