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Thursday, 3 September 2015

45RPM: #20 Nights in White Satin - The Dickies (1979)

This is dedicated to my butty Ralph

Click on the Links to enjoy the music of The Dickies

The Dickies formed in 1977 in Los Angeles after Stan Lee (Guitar) and Billy Club (Bass) witnessed The Damned on their first American Tour. They made their live debut in September 1977 and were the first California Punk band to appear on Network Televison and the first Californian Punk band to sign a record deal with a major label.

The Dickies were always seen as a bit of a cartoon type band which I think is quite unfortunate because they actually have done some great music down through the years (and yes they are still on the go but not with the original line up due to deaths of original members).

Out of their first six singles only one of them was actually their own song (Give It Back), the rest being extremely brilliant cover versions: Paranoid (1978 #45 UK), Eve of Destruction (1978), Silent Night (1978 #47 UK), Banana Splits (Tra La La Song) (1979 #7 UK) and today's spotlighted single Nights in White Satin.

There's a great DVD called An Evening With The Dickies that Secret Records put out awhile ago that's worth checking out.

 Nights in White Satin / Waterslide
Produced by Robin Geoffrey Cable
Released 3rd September 1979
UK Chart #39



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Here's a few links to some albums by The Dickies that are worth giving a blast:

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