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Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Story of The Jam (Sky Arts 5th September)

Saturday Night TV is usually a total bust as one has to hurdle over Pop Star Wanna-Be's on the X-Factor or third rate celebs strutting their stuff on the dance floor with Strictly Come Dancing but last night was a real treat over on Sky Arts because not only was there a concert by The Specials from their 30th Anniversary Tour, but following was a few hours tv devoted to The Jam.

First up was the excellent set from 1980's Rockpalast show in Dortmund,and then a brand new documentary The Story of The Jam - About The Young Idea. Whilst there was nothing earth shatteringly new in the film it was great to see some old footage of the band in action and hearing all the members of the band (including original guitarist Steve Brookes) talking about the experience but a nice touch to it was the fans eye view it gave.

If you have Sky Arts and missed it first time around keep an eye open for a repeat showing (they are bound to show it again sometime!).

01. Strangetown
02. Carnation
03. Town Called Malice
04. Happy Together
05. Boy About Town
06. Ghosts
07. Just Who Is The Five O'Clock Hero
08. Thats Entertainment
09. Tales From The Riverbank
10. Precious
11. Running On The Spot
12. Move On Up
13. In The Crowd
14. Private Hell
15. Pretty Green
16. Trans Global Express
17. The Gift
18. Circus
19. Pity Poor Alfie / Fever
20. Funeral Pyre
21. The Butterfly Collector
22. When You're Young
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