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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Rewind: 1983 Labour of Love - UB40 Hits #1

Labour of Love - UB40
DEP International
Produced by Ray Falconer and UB40
Released 1st September 1983
UK Chart #1
US Chart #15

Reached #1 in the UK on this day in musical history.

These days it's not unsual for artists to do an album loaded with Cover Versions but back in 1983 it was a very odd move (I'm sure there were probably albums out that were full of Covers but I cannot think of a single one, especially one that made it to #1!).

When the whole Two Tone Movement hit the big time it lead to loads of people tracking down the early Ska records and I'm not sure if it was in the minds of UB40 but maybe there would likewise be a new interest in some of the great Reggae records. I've included links below for all the songs represented on Labour of Love as done by the originals (or in some cases a cover version - Red Red Wine and Keep on Moving for example).

I know that these days there's a lot of craziness going on within the UB40 camp and with Ali Campbell but it's good to remember the band when they were at their best. 

This was their Fourth Studio album and it was an ode to the music that inspired them as a band. I know there are lots of people who have no time for UB40 and some who would probably wonder why I am posting about them on my blog but I feel they are an important band within the sphere of British Pop music. They were the first band to get a Dub Album into the charts with Present Arms in Dub . Their Debut Album Signing Off was recorded in a bedsit!...the album reached #2 in the charts on indie label Graduate. Up to the release of Labour of Love they had already had 8 Top 40 singles (King/Food For Thought reaching the highest spot of #4).

Another reason for posting about it is that it's still a brilliant album. You may not agree, I'm fine with that.
    Singles From Labour of Love
        Red Red Wine
        Released: August 1983 UK Chart #1 US Chart #34 (though when reissued in 1988 it went to #1)
        Please Don't Make Me Cry
        Released: October 1983 UK Chart #10.
    Many Rivers to Cross
        Released: December 1983 UK Chart #16.
    Cherry Oh Baby
        Released: March 1984 UK Chart #12.

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