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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Rewind: 2000 Good Charlotte Release Debut Album

A band I have a little affection for is Good Charlotte (well at least for their first four albums - the fifth one was pretty poor). Formed in Waldorf, Maryland in 1996 when they were at School and they made a name for themselves in DC by performing at HFStival in 1998 and 1999 and by playing around small bars.

They did release an EP (very limited to 50 Copies!) in 2000 and all four tracks ended up on their debut self-titled album.

Now whilst the album didn't sell so well at first reaching the very lower reaches of the Album Chart it would be their second album (The Young and the Hopeless released in 2002) that would catapult them to stardom.

I saw them a couple of times in Glasgow and they did put on a great show. Check out the performance from Switzerland (I think) in 2003.

Good Charlotte - Good Charlotte
Daylight/Epic Records
Produced by Don Gilmore and John Feldmann (The Click)
Released 26th September 2000
US Chart #185
UK Chart #194

Good Charlotte
    Joel Madden - lead vocals
    Benji Madden - lead guitar, backing vocals
    Billy Martin - rhythm guitar, additional backing vocals on "Little Things"
    Paul Thomas - bass guitar, additional backing vocals on "Little Things"
    Aaron Escolopio - drums, additional backing vocals on "Little Things"*
Additional Personnel
    David Campbell - string arrangements

*Aaron would leave the band after the album was made.

(this is the running order for the 2003 Re-issue)
01 Little Things
02 Waldorf Worldwide
03 The Motivation Proclamation
04 East Coast Anthem
05 Festival Song
06 Complicated
07 Seasons
08 I Don't Wanna Stop
09 I Heard You
10 The Click (Japanese Edition Bonus Track)
11 Walk By
12 Let Me Go
13 Screamer
14 Change
15 Thank You Mom

Singles from Good Charlotte Album
  1. "Little Things"
    Released: March 27, 2001 US Chart #115
  2. "The Motivation Proclamation"
    Released: August 7, 2001
  3. The Click (Video Only Release)
  4. "Festival Song"
    Released: 2001
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