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Friday, 25 September 2015

New Archive Release From Bruce Springsteen (September 2015)

The latest release from the Bruce Springsteen Concert Archives comes from the Devils and Dust Tour from 2005 and spotlights the night of 31st July at The Value City Theatre at The Jerome Schottenstein Center in Columbus, OH.

The video below is taken from the Bootleg A Night of Debuts (to which someone has kindly added a few bonus tracks from 15th May Show at Cleveland State University (these tracks are not available on the official release).

You Can Get The New Release HERE!

Set List
31st July 2005
01 "This is Obscure"
02 Lift Me Up
03 Reason To Believe
04 Devils & Dust
05 Lonesome Day
06 "First Teenage Party"
07 Long Time Comin'
08 "Hang Your Ass Out There, Boss!"
09 Back In Your Arms
10 For You
11 State Trooper
12 Cynthia
13 One Step Up
14 Reno
15 When You're Alone
16 Valentine's Day
17 Lost In The Flood
18 The Rising
19 Further On (Up The Road)
20 Intro
21 Jesus Was An Only Son
22 Two Hearts
23 "Easier Said Than Done!"
24 The Hitter
25 Matamoros Banks
26 Ramrod
27 Bobby Jean
28 "North Jersey, South Jersey"
29 The Promised Land
30 Dream Baby Dream

Bonus Tracks: Cleveland State University, Wolstein Center, Cleveland, OH. May 15, 2005
31 Intro
32 My Beautiful Reward
33 Youngstown
34 Black Cowboys
35 "I Wasn't Filled With Much Love"
36 Stolen Car (tour premiere)
37 Maria's Bed

Live premiere of Lift Me Up, tour debut of Back In Your Arms and the first ever live acoustic version of Cynthia.

Piano songs are "Back In Your Arms", "For You", "Valentine's Day", "Lost In The Flood", and "Jesus Was An Only Son". "Reason To Believe" is with the bullet mic. "Dream Baby Dream" is on pump organ. "Lift Me Up" and "When You're Alone" are on electric piano. "State Trooper" is with the falsetto vocal.
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